Francisco Martin-Martinez Google

Francisco Martin-Martinez selected as 2022 Google Cloud Research Innovator. This program constitutes a global community of researchers driving scientific breakthroughs. It provides access to Google experts, technical resources, additional Google Cloud credits, speaking opportunities, training and support from mentors. The work with Google Cloud from Swansea University builds on our core research area on computational chemistry, and it spans across our work on biomass and biobased materials, sustainable infrastructure, and precision agriculture. With the selection of Francisco Martin-Martinez as 2022 Google Cloud Research Innovator our groups gets access to a strong support from the program. From this support, our group is building on existing knowledge to develop more accurate and efficient chemical reactivity and materials degradation descriptors. While accuracy is essential to enable predictive models for a rational molecular design, efficiency is crucial to decrease the environmental impact of computing and to democratise the access to computational simulations at research centres where supercomputing is limited. Accurate and predictive tools for chemical reactivity can help understanding molecular and materials degradation in several areas of our daily life, e.g., oxidative aging, free radical reactions, polymerisation, and depolymerisation processes. We need data, lots of data, and data requires the use of high-performance computational resources like those provided by Google Cloud. These resources, and the tools available at Google Cloud Platform enable the performance of high throughput quantum chemistry calculations of large data sets with millions of molecules. The data generated using Google Cloud, and the posterior analysis and processing performed at Google Cloud Platform are essential for the success of the project. The availability of TPUs, ready-to-use Pytorch containers, or AutoML tools, are very useful for the development of our research.