Carolyne Bakasa

Visiting PhD student (Supervisors: Dr. Clare Muhanji, Dr. Edith Amuhaya, Prof. George Amolo)

Carolyne Bakasa is a first year doctoral student in Chemistry at the Technical University of Kenya, working under the supervision of Dr. Clare Muhanji (Technical University of Kenya), Dr. Edith Amuhaya (United States International University Africa), and Prof. George Amolo (Technical University of Kenya). Her doctoral work explores the synthesis of photosensitizers and their use in waste water treatment using the Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemotherapy concept. In addition, she uses the Time Dependent Density Functional Theory and Molecular dynamic to complement her experimental studies. She is particularly interested with the application of computational chemistry in addressing challenges in biological systems. Currently, she is a sessional lecturer in the department of Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. She can be contacted at: