PhD student (co-supervisors: Dr. James Ryan, and Prof. Paul Meredith)

I am a PhD student in Chemistry at Swansea University. My supervisor is Dr. Francisco Martin-Martinez and my co-supervisors are Dr. James W. Ryan, and Prof. Paul Meredith. I studied my bachelor degree in Engineering Physics in the Division of Science and Engineering Campus Leon at University of Guanajuato (México) and my MSc (optics) in the Optics Research Centre, also located at Leon Guanajuato Mexico. During my bachelor’s degree, my main interest was in the light propagation pulses through the core of photonic optical fibre, to do this I performed several numerical calculations solving Non-Linear Schrodinger Equation using FORTRAN in a computer cluster. During my master studies, I focused on the study of the optical response in solids through first principles calculations. In particular, my thesis subject was about calculation of the susceptibility of black phosphorus in bulk and monolayer structures, also a calculation of the degree of spin polarization when a circularly polarized light interacts with bulk and monolayer black phosphorus were performed. All the calculations performed in my thesis gave me experience working with linux systems, bash scripts, cluster computer manipulation and automatizations of several tasks using bash. During my PhD studies, my thesis subject will be focused on the design and development of new organic semiconducting materials for solar cells, there are a lot of things to learn, and I am really happy to be in this project at Swansea University