Here we share some photos and videos of events, conferences, talks, interviews, and daily day life at Martin-Martinez Lab

Group lunch at The Secret in 2022

Playing foot golf with colleagues from the Chemistry Department

Cesar de la Fuente and Francisco Martin-Martinez, at UPenn during a visit in 2022

Visiting Jose Norambuena’s lab, in Chile, 2022

Antoni Forner-Cuenca, Diego Lopez Barreiro, and Francisco Martin-Martinez, at MITs Lab

Chi-Hua Yu and Francisco Martin-Martinez at SES 2022 Conference in Texas

Zhao Qin and Francisco Martin-Martinez at MIT

Francisco Martin-Martinez at NORA BASF meeting, while being Research Scientist at MIT

Francisco Martin-Martinez at NORA BASF meeting, while at MIT

Francisco Martin-Martinez meeting the King and Queen of Spain, at the ECUSA’s Conference


Short video on bioinspired circular materials

Francisco Martin-Martinez speaking at the AI4SD network conference

Plenary talk by Francisco Martin-Martinez at the XV Seminario Internacional by the Fundacion COPEC-UC (Chile)

Big engineering course at MIT, by Benedetto Marelli and Francisco Martin-Martinez

Promotional video by Fernando Alonso, within ECUSA‘s visibility program