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Our People

Surviving an a planet with limited resources and increasing global populations is one of the greatest challenges humanity has faced so far. We need materials and technologies that face current challenges, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. At Martin-Martinez Lab, we work in collaboration with research groups and industry partners worldwide, to computationally design and develop more sustainable materials. See some of our areas below…


Francisco Martin-Martinez

Lab leader

Isaac Vidal-Daza Honorary Research Fellow

Kassu Gebresellasie

Kassu B. Gebresellasie Posdoctoral Researcher

Anna Bachs

PhD student (co-supervisor: Dr. Ian Mabbett)

Emilio Nuñez-Andrade PhD student (co-supervisors: Dr. James Ryan and Prof. Paul Meredith)

Dan York

PhD student (co-supervisor: Dr. Ian Mabbett)

Sinem Bektas

PhD student (co-supervisor: Dr. Shirin Alexander)

Jake Kramp

PhD student (Main-supervisor: Dr. Ian Mabbett)

Cerys Cormican

PhD student (Main supervisor: Dr. Shirin Alexander)

Caro Bakasa

Visiting PhD student from Kenya (supervisors: Dr. Muhanji, Dr. Amuhaya, Prof. Amolo)


Technical support


Adebayo Gboyega | Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria
Antoni Forner-Cuenca | TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
Chi-Hua Yu | Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Christine Ortiz | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Station1, USA
Christian Klinke | Swansea University, UK
Ellan Spero | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Station1, USA
Ian Mabbett | Swansea University, UK
Olivia Mendivil Ramos | OneThree Biotech, USA
James Ryan | Swansea University, UK

Jingjie Yeo | Cornell University, USA
Jose Norambuena | Universidad de Bio Bio, Chile 
Jose A. Dobado | Universidad de Granada, Spain
Leila Deravi | Northeastern University, USA
Owen Guy | Swansea University, UK
Paul Meredith | Swansea University, UK
Peter Holliman | Swansea University, UK
Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli | Massachusetts Institute of technology, USA
Stephan Irle | Oak Ridge National lab, USA


Anna Catton | Summer intern 2021
Carmen Alcalde | Visiting Researcher
Jose Carrillo | Visiting Researcher
Pip Carey | BSc Student
Ray Lilley | MSc Student
Tristan Stephens-Jones | MSc Student

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