We are a fun, multidisciplinary and multicultural team. We are passionate about science, technology and innovation, and we like data. Talk nerdy to us.

Francisco Martin-Martinez
Lab director

Anna Bachs | PhD student
(co-supervisor: Dr. Ian Mabbett)

Dan York | MSc student

Isaac Vidal | Advisor

Jake Kramp | PhD student
(Main-supervisor: Dr. Ian Mabbett)

Kassu B. Gebresellasie | Advisor

Navaneeth Narayanappa | MSc student (co-supervisor: Prof. X. Xie)

Emilio Nuñez-Andrade | PhD student (co-supervisors: Dr. James Ryan and Prof. Paul Meredith)

Tristan Stephens-Jones | MSc student

Paco | Technical support


Adebayo Gboyega | Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria
Antoni Forner-Cuenca | TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
Chi-Hua Yu | Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Christine Ortiz | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Station1, USA
Christian Klinke | Swansea University, UK
Ellan Spero | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Station1, USA
Ian Mabbett | Swansea University, UK
James Ryan | Swansea University, UK

Jingjie Yeo | Cornell University, USA
Jose Norambuena | Universidad de Bio Bio, Chile
Leila Deravi | Northeastern University, USA
Owen Guy | Swansea University, UK
Paul Meredith | Swansea University, UK
Peter Holliman | Swansea University, UK
Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli | Massachusetts Institute of technology, USA
Stephan Irle | Oak Ridge National lab, USA

Ir a Arriba