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Francisco Martin-Martinez, 2022 Google Cloud Research Innovator

Francisco Martin-Martinez selected as 2022 Google Cloud Research Innovator. This program constitutes a global community of researchers driving scientific breakthroughs. It provides access to Google experts, technical resources, additional Google Cloud credits, speaking opportunities, training and support from mentors. The work with Google Cloud from Swansea University builds on our core research area on computational [...]

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Francisco Martin-Martinez interviewed in ABC

Francisco Martin-Martinez was interview in the Spanish newspaper ABC, by Alexia Columba Jerez, during his last visit to MIT. Read the interview in Spanish here (Translation below): Investigador en el Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), director del laboratorio de nanomateriales bioinspirados en la Universidad de Swansea (Reino Unido) y expresidente de ECUSA, la Asociación [...]

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Francisco Martin-Martinez featured at Swansea University

Francisco Martin-Martinez featured at Swansea University. See the interview below. WHAT IS YOUR FIELD OF RESEARCH? I am a lecturer at Swansea University’s Chemistry Department and a Research Affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I head up the Laboratory for Bioinspired Biobased Nanomaterials at Swansea University. HOW DID YOU BECOME INTERESTED IN [...]

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SINC – A material inspired by a sea worm changes according to the environment

Article by Ana Hernando for SINC, the Spanish Agency for Scientific news, about the research on a material inspired by the jaw of Virens Nereis, a sand worm, and its application in soft robotics

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Daily Mail – The gelatinous jaw of a sea worm inspires radical shape changing robots

The Nereis virens worm's jaw has a texture similar to gelatin - but if its environment changes, it can become hard. It has distinctive traits including a long body, many parapopdia (fleshy protrusions along the body) and blue head with two large pincer teeth.

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